Igor Ilchuk
Published: Monday, October 26, 2015
Gallery Open to SAS Community October 28

Acclaimed artist Igor Ilchuk has generously agreed to serve as Artist-in-Residence in the Middle School from October 26-28. Father of two Saint Andrew's students, Sophomore Alexy, and Grade 7 student Andrew, Ilchuck's artwork will be on display for the Saint Andrew's community in the Middle School Immersion Room on October 28 from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm. His artwork will be projected on the walls and select original paintings will be displayed on easels. Music that has inspired his art work will be integrated into the gallery as well.
Ilchuck will also spend a few days teaching and demonstrating his work to Middle School students. He will work with every Grade 6, 7, and 8 student over the course of his three-day visit.
Friends of the Arts (FOA) is pleased to facilitate this wonderful enrichment, which would not be possible without the creative and knowledgeable leadership of Saint Andrew's Middle School Visual Arts Faculty Megan Dejo and the support of Head of Middle School Ann Haynes.

To learn more on Igor Ilchuck, please visit www.ilchuk.com
Middle School Displays 'One Hundred Suns' Art Installation
Published: Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Located in Friends of the Arts Lobby

'One Hundred Suns' are brightening the walls of the Friends of the Arts Lobby. This 'cosmic' art exhibit by Middle School students is the result of a three-day workshop with Artist-in-Residence Igor Ilchuk.
The Russian-born artist visited the Middle School at the end of October and shared his artistic influences, processes, and techniques. Students also had a chance to view a variety of his works up close and in person.
During this immersive experience, Grade 8 students worked individually with Mr. Ilchuk to develop their unique artistic expressions. Inspired by Ilchuk's graphic techniques and his series 'One Hundred Suns,' the students then created their own installations. The finished pieces feature abstract interpretations of the sun using metallic gel pens on black mat boards.
Ilchuk says his work is inspired by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Gustav Klimt. "Each small detail, brush stroke should be careful and precise. I consider painting as a means of spiritual and intellectual growth for both an artist and his audience." These concepts were well captured by the student artists. While maintaining independence of expression, they also learned how their pieces fit together as part of a whole installation.
The exhibition is dedicated to Mr. Igor Ilchuk & Mrs. Olga Kucherova and is currently on display in the Friends of the Arts Lobby located in Andrews Hall - The Center for Performing Arts.

A special thanks to Friends of the Arts for their vital support and sponsorship of this event.