Igor Ilchuk

Igor Ilchuk is a Ukrainian artist born in Moscow in 1972, whose innovative and captivating works span the genres of cosmic and abstract art.

Igor embarked on his creative journey in 1996, when he began his studies at an art lyceum. He spent a considerable amount of time exploring European avant-garde art movements and photography.

Concurrently, he worked in the film industry, balancing his passion for art with his profession. However, in 2014, Ilchuk devoted himself entirely to his craft, showcasing his creations in exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States.

His artworks, such as Sol Invictus, and various iterations of the Sun, are known for their unique techniques, combining special paints and methods that are emblematic of Ilchuk's signature style. The Cosmos serves as a critical theme in artists artistry. Though he has never ventured into outer space, he conveys an innate sense of the energy that permeates our existence. Additionally, artist`s works are inextricably linked to music. Each of his paintings is typically associated with one or two musical compositions, often classical, but sometimes modern.

Ilchuk received a Master of Arts degree with honors from the Russian State University for the Humanities, adding to his already impressive artistic credentials.

Artist's vision and craft have earned him the status of a distinguished artist, with his work capturing the essence of cosmic and abstract beauty. His unique approach and style, coupled with his sheer talent, have garnered him international acclaim, and he hopes to continue growing and exhibiting his art in collaboration with local galleries and museums. A majority of artist`s artworks can be found in private collections all around the world. Presently, he resides and works in Boston, Massachusetts.

Artist`s awards and recognitions:

- Diploma with honors, Master of Arts, Russian State University for the Humanities,
- Letter of Appreciation, Space City Culture Council, "Cosmos as a Premonition" project,
- Letter of Appreciation, Moscow State Council, "Autumn Jazz" project,
- Letter of Appreciation, "Line of Life" Charity Fund and K35 Gallery, "Inspired by Childhood" project,
- Letter of Appreciation, Gagarin Museum, "Gagarin`s Spring" project,
- Letter of Appreciation, Gagarin Museum, "Music of the Space" project

E-mail: artist874@gmail.com

The list of the current and past exhibitions (see News for details):
"Wish You Were Here"
Solo Exhibition
Mad Oyster Studios
Somerville, Ma
May 6-7th, 2023
Solo/Group Exhibition
Somerville Open Studios
Somerville, Ma
April - May 2023
"First Look"
Group Exhibition
Somerville Museum
Somerville, Ma
February 2021
"Cosmos as a Premonition"
Solo Exhibition
Space City Museum
Space City, Russia
August - October 2020
"Music of the Space"
Solo Exhibition
Gagarin Museum, Russia
March - April 2020
"Gagarin`s Spring"
Group Exhibition
Gagarin Museum, Russia
September 2020
"Twenty years later…"
Solo Exhibition
Moscow Union of Artists, Russia
November 2019
"Autumn Jazz"
Solo Exhibition
Moscow State Council, Russia
Other Group and Solo Exhibitions 2010-2018
"Colors of the Space", Saint Andrews School, Boca Raton, Florida, USA

"One Hundred Suns", Vilnius ArtFair, Vilnius, Lithuania

"Night in the Museum", K35 Gallery, Moscow

"World of Art Showcase", Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

"Colors of the Music", D.E.V.E. Gallery, Moscow

"Cosmos, Ocean and Art", Benzaiten Art Center, Lake Worth, Florida, USA

"Color Dreams", Walter Wickizer Gallery, New York, NY, USA

"Inspired by Childhood", K35 Gallery, Moscow

"Music of the Space", Rosetta Stone Fine Art Gallery, Jupiter, Florida, USA

"SNOB", K35 Gallery, Moscow

"Cosmos. City.Human",K35 Gallery, Moscow

"Spectrum Miami", Miami, Florida, USA

"ArtLOFT", K35 Gallery, Moscow

"Igor Ilchuk. Graphics and Paintings", New Manezh Art Center, Moscow

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