Igor Ilchuk
"My way in art"

My journey to the visual arts began relatively late.

As a child, I did not show any particular interest in paintings, although the catalogs and albums that we had at home (Alexander Deineka and Albrecht Durer) I viewed up to pieces. But it was just an idle interest. Everything changed in one day.

In 1996, 24 years of age, I went to an exhibition of Mikhail Vrubel, which took place in the State Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val. I entered the hall, started viewing the art works, and then suddenly I felt as if a lightning struck. I was truly shell shocked when I saw Vrubel's drawings for Lermontov's poem "The Demon". I could not understand "HOW IT WAS DONE"! And with a desire to reach that understanding, everything began... Initially I attended classes for adults at the art lyceum at the Surikov Art School, where I studied how to draw and master the technology of the artistic process.

In parallel, I began to research the history of art, visit exhibitions, etc. Pretty soon, when the fear of paints and varnishes disappeared, the stretch of paper on the drawing pane did not cause a panic attack, I realized that I wouldn't find all the answers to my questions in the art school. Moreover, I immersed myself in the world of abstract art, while in the lyceum the dominant approach was that of a classical art school. Soon after, I left my classes and further focused on self-education.

The following five years were not entirely prolific in terms of my art work. I drew very little, since I was headlong into business and education — I defended my Ph.D. in economics in my alma mater, the Plekhanov Institute, and, taking a great interest in classical Roman law, I entered and graduated from the Moscow Academy of Law.

But creative inner art process continued. And in 2001, two important events happened, in creative terms, -acquaintance with the paintings and art philosophy of Pavel Filonov and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin.

I remember that awe, amazement, when I saw a reproduction of Filonov's "Kolkhoznik" ... Once again, I felt joy and that feeling of elation that one experiences when looking at the Real Picture. Without wasting time, I hurried to Filonov's exhibition, which took place in Moscow on Neglinnaya in the exhibition hall of the Ekaterina Foundation. That's when it all started ....
Короткий видеофильм о творчестве художника Игоря Ильчука/
Short movie about Igor Ilchuk`s art
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