"Artist`s Touch: Home Decoration"

Delray Beach, Fl.
Igor Ilchuk adorned the entire house in Florida with his own paintings. Some of the paintings were created specifically for this house, while others were taken from the artist's studio.

"...This was an exciting and intriguing project. As Picasso once said, "Give me a museum, and I will fill it!"
In this project, I wanted to convey the magic of the place and merge it with the ambiance, design, and layout of the house.
The project involved the placement of 50 paintings, ranging from large ones (6 by 8 feet) to tiny ones (10 by 10 inches). Many of the paintings were created to fit specific wall sizes and to complement the existing interior design. It was an interesting challenge, and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to express myself in such a significant undertaking."

"...While creating these paintings, I tried to capture the atmosphere of the house and its location in sunny Florida. In my artwork, I aimed to preserve the energy and warmth of the Sun, the diversity of nature and flowers, and the depth of the ocean beneath the canopy of the starlit South Florida sky..." said Artist after finishing this project