"SNOB" - Artist`s exhibition and lectures following "Night in the Museum" event
"When I started looking at the paintings with music playing, they unexpectedly spoke to me," says Mariana Novikova: "The author chose Viktor Tsoi's music for the painting 'Moscow Cauldron.' This artwork reflects the dark side of the city that some people don't want to notice, while others know it all too well. The chosen color, red, is spot on. I'm fascinated by Tarot cards, and there is a red card called 'The Devil,' and in Dan Brown's novel 'Inferno,' the color red is described – it illustrates people's obsession, showing how an idea can possess a person to the extent that life begins to lose its value. Even the composition of the painting speaks of this: a crazy spiral, a dreadful cycle when a person gets caught in this whirlpool, and the spiral starts dictating the conditions of their life."