2011 год/year
40х50 см/15.7x19.7 in
Шопен. Концерт n. 1/ Chopin. Concert n. 1
Apart from Rakhmaninov, Vivaldi, Bach, Haydn and Chaikovsky one of my favourite
composers is Frederic Chopin. I was on a cruise, and one night I was listening to the classic
music records taken from Moscow. The ship was gliding along the Mediterranean waters,
and the vibration of the engine created a feeling of life in the dark ocean of night. I listened to
the music and, suddenly its beauty struck me so much that in my imagination I started
seeing the lines, forms and images. They resembled the waves on the surface of the ocean,
the foam, which rests on the shore after the receding wave. These particular images
coincided inside me with this great music. The art of Chopin is infinite. I very much hope
that I will have a chance to express my impressions from other creations of this music genius.