2011 год/year
20х40 см/7.9x15.8 in
Улей/ Beehive
"Beehive" picture has been born as a result of a technical experiment of drawing with ink on
canvas. This drawing has been made immediately as final, without the stage of a sketch or
preparatory drawing. The picture has no obvious center. The creative idea, which I was trying
to express in this work was one: to draw the BUZZ. Of course, the picture is an analog of the
human hive, which we have in a contemporary world. This picture has been drawn at the
same time with the "City" cycle, and to a large extent it expresses my attitude to it. This
picture is not related to the work "The Fly", which I painted in Munich, since the fly is clearly
an attempt of animalistic painting. The Beehive corresponds with the music of Pink Floyd
Animals album, and The Fly – with the Flight of Bumblebee.